Monday, 29 September 2008

The Devil Served Tortellini

Well, for those who are following this one, I'm about seventy pages into The Devil Served Tortellini, which I picked up in Murder One on Saturday at Cassie's signing. It is a stunning artistic tour de force and I predict it will some day be a GCSE set text. I'm thinking of throwing it open to the public. £5 a viewing. No children. No dogs. K and John are both welcome to borrow when I am done, but please ignore the chocolatey smudges; I felt that if I was going to read modern romance I ought to do it in the bath with a lot of Lindt.

I picked up City of Ashes too so as not to feel left out.

The Divali lights have gone up along the lampposts on the main road. They are very carefully 'vendor agnostic' decorations, mainly candles and the like, that will be easily converted to Christmas lights after a few weeks. It's also Eid tomorrow, so we're all set for the fireworks, and it will be easy to get a seat in the local curry joints after sundown.

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