Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Feb 6th Infodump

Money disaster averted, not many hurt

After the disastrously lean month that was January, I now have money in my bank account again, and also the news that HR has fucked up and has been paying me too low a salary for the past eight months. This will be rectified in early March, just in time for the April pay settlement. I am told the NUJ is agitating for a decent increase this year.

Alex plots to abuse press card, endorse GOP

Note to self. Join NUJ. Not only do I recover some of my long-lost socialist credentials (I voted for John McCain in my mental primary - Obama won the Democratic one - and need to feel left-wing again), but even better than that; I get a big laminated card with PRESS written on it, which I can flash at police lines, film premieres and club doormen.

Like taking rabbis to Jerusalem...

Outside Cricklewood station there is a big poster on behalf of Kirklees Council. Kirklees is somewhere north of Watford, I understand. It's advertising a holocaust commemorative exhibit that's visiting Brent Cross, our local megamall-cum-chavsoaked-hellhole. I don't know if Kirklees is a hotbed of world Jewry or not, but can't help thinking that if there was one part of the country that could mount its own holocaust memorial, it would probably be northwest London.

I can haz loldog?

I can't find the image anywhere, but the Royal Mail is putting out a series of stamps commemorating working dogs. One of the pictures shows a golden retriever striding purposefully along in its little day-glo yellow jacket, a look of intense concentration on its face, with a letter in its mouth. At the bottom of the picture it says 'Assistance Dog.'

I can't see this stamp without mentally adding 'Iz assisting ur letterz' to it.

Quiche for dinner shock

Quiche for dinner.

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