Saturday, 1 September 2007

Shiny Macness

So, on Wednesday night I put my elderly computer to bed as usual, tucked it in and gave it a Horlicks and a chocolate digestive and I had the same myself and then we both went to bed as happy as Larry - however happy he is.

Come the morning bright, however, the computer had clearly come down with something - whereas I was fighting fit and ready to hit the gym. Try as I might I couldn't get the thing to turn on. It was simply not having it. It was switching on and the fan was starting up as usual, and it was making the right noises, but nothing more was happening; it was not booting and nothing was getting through to the monitor. I checked the connections and they all seemed fine, so rather upset at the amount of music, photos, writing, and various things on it that I appeared to have lost, I went to work a considerably miserably bunny.

When I got home, it was working again. It booted and everything came up as you would expect. ITunes, internets, everything you would hope for. I seized my chance and backed up the hard drive. It took most of the night but at least it didn't mean that I lost 16 gigs of music and all my pictures and various bits of writing.

It was lucky I backed it up, because the previous morning and yesterday night were exactly the same,; the computer simply refused to boot.

In short it is dead. It has joined the choir invisible, etc.

I cannot not have a working computer, as I am sure you will all appreciate, and happily I had been budgeting to acquire something in the way of such a device for a couple of months now, given the age and ricketyness of my old machine.

And this is how I have come to be the owner of a shiny black MacBook.