Friday, 17 August 2007

I want Stephen Fry to be my big gay uncle

One of my great, but lesser known fears, is that I will die before having had the chance to have a chat with Stephen Fry. It would be an exquisite pleasure; like swimming in chocolate. I don't know that we'd have anything much to talk about, but it would be wonderful to be able to absorb some of him ... mentally.

I mention this having just watched a talking heads documentary celebrating the 50th birthday of the nation's favourite cuddly intellectual. And, like so many other shows touched by Fry, it provided the televisual equivalency of a mug of Ovaltine, some slippers and a pair of paisley-patterned jim-jams. The usual vox-pop 'slebs were bused in from Highgate and made to sit in a BBC studio done up to look like Nigella Lawson's kitchen, and all were ebullient in their praise, in particular Hugh Laurie, who hadn't shaved off his beard but had moderated his accent somewhat, which gave the effect of a Cambridge-educated House.

JK Rowling also popped up, Fry having narrated the Harry Potter audiobooks, sitting on a set with a full set of books behind her, just in case anybody forgot what she did for a living. I do feel a bit sorry for JK. I fear this is going to be her fate now that she's finished ejaculating Harry all over the page; to wind up as a rent-a-quote on retrospective TV shows.

The whole was cut with various skits from A Bit of Fry and Laurie; my favourite sketch from which I'm trying to figure out how to post here. I came in a bit too late for that show, only really graduating to 'adult' comedy shows, via Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire, in about 1992, so I only ever recall seeing a couple of episodes of, I think, the last series, on their first run. But I have to say it all looked bloody funny, and I may have to track down a DVD; YouTube only satisfies so far, after all.

Above all I love Stephen for facility and gifts with language, and I think that comes over in the shows - comedy or otherwise - that he's been a part of, and that's why I want him in my Famous Family, which also includes Judi Dench as my Grandmother, and Joanna Lumley as my Wicked Aunt.

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Sophie said...

Hwo would you have as your celebrity Mum and Dad?