Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I'm outta here!

So, an awkward day in the office. I finally got confirmation of my start date at The Very Big Company O'Doom this morning - it's towards the end of June - and promptly handed in my formal resignation, and coming so soon after the Deputy Editor walked it wasn't welcomed. The Boss is very disappointed and made it clear in no uncertain terms - as well as saying how great the opportunities were if I stayed, which is exactly how best to guilt-trip me (and was probably his intention). But you know, no guilt because my career has to come first here. And, you know, there are no opportunities that are worth making under 20K in London for and expecting any quality of life. Also, the new place gives me three more days holiday and a pension plan.

But, you know, if they're wondering why the best tech magazines in the country keep poaching their journalists? I don't think they fully realise what a killer product they're putting out, and how much they are under-resourcing it. The solution is really staring them in the face; pay the NUJ-mandated rates. I'm getting a 35% pay rise in my new job, so it wasn't much of a surprise that they didn't at least attempt to match it, although it was disappointing, because all they needed to do was match it - and with the number of people leaving the company lately that really shouldn't be too hard - and I would have stayed. I have loved working for this company and I'm bitterly sorry to go like this.

Anyway, Editor says not to feel bad about it so I won't.

My induction packs came this morning. I have no end of forms to fill in and return before I can start, and documents to hunt down and medical declarations to sign and so on. This is all apparently a sign that I am joining A Big Company. I also got a signed letter from my new CEO, who looks forward to meeting me soon. No you don't, you're listed on the FTSE 100...

I am also apparently going to be given a Work/Social Mentor, presumably in case I can't tell the difference. Also an Arse/Elbow Differentiator.

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